What technology has changed your life?


Sometimes things happen that we can not plan for, and in the past weeks we've had our share of unexpected events.

One half of our team (Gina) is a type 1 (insulin dependent) diabetic, and we try to prepare for all eventualities while travelling. Unfortunately though on a recent bus journey Gina suffered a hypoglycemic attack. This occurs when the sugar in the blood drops to an extremely low level, which in this case resulted in a seizure. It was necessary to inject glucagon a hormone that stimulates the liver to release stored glucose into the bloodstream.

The extreme circumstances of the situation meant that a hospital trip was in order for a thorough check up, followed by a few days recuperation.

It is worth reiterating that this was an extreme situation, and a rare occurrence. The advent of novel technologies in recent years have made it increasingly easy to monitor and control blood sugars as a diabetic. The ability to record blood sugars on mobile apps, readily transport insulin and access information online makes travelling a lot more straightforward.

In light of this we're asking: what technology has changed your life? Let us know via Twitter, Facebook or Youtube!

If you'd like to know more about type 1 diabetes do take a look at the following links:
Diabetes UK, or Amercican Diabetes Association (available in English and Spanish).